July Special

Grab a friend and do two 60-minute float sessions for just $80 total!
One hour isn't long enough for you? No problem. This month only, try two 90-minute sessions for just $120 total!
The two floats must be redeemed at the same time. You can float in separate tanks or together in the same tank, both ways are fine!
This deal is only valid in July 2019 with both floats occuring at the same time, no credits will be given out for redeeming at a future date. Pay in cash and you both receive $5 FloatCash back!

No other offers apply with this promotion.

We have created a state-of the-art floatation facility to guide your mental and physical wellness. Our mission is to provide a beautiful, safe environment for everyone to reap the endless benefits of floating. Each and every float experience is customized to your individual needs.


Find out about our four state-of-the art flotation rooms, equipped with the best tanks imported from the UK.

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Joe Rogan takes the words out of our mouths - this is an *UNCENSORED* version of his life changing experiences in sensory deprivation tanks.