March Special

YOU ASKED FOR IT; a combination of our services—floating and massage! 

How it works: you reserve the float tank and time you’d like online, then give us a call to schedule the massage portion of the package! Our guest attendants will ensure you have a smooth transition from floating, into your massage appointment.

Details and pricing for this amazing special are located on our pricing page here

**combo packages are subject to availability, so reserve this deluxe service today!!! 

We have created a state-of the-art floatation facility to guide your mental and physical wellness. Our mission is to provide a beautiful, safe environment for everyone to reap the endless benefits of floating. Each and every float experience is customized to your individual needs.


Find out about our three (soon-to-be-four) state-of-the art floatation rooms, equipped with the best tank imported from the UK.

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Joe Rogan takes the words out of our mouths - this is an *UNCENSORED* version of his life changing experiences in sensory deprivation tanks.