Mission Statement

Float Oasis is committed to promoting wellness, peace and healing through floatation therapy. It is our mission to create a safe, affordable, and enriching sanctuary for people who seek to unplug, refresh and center themselves. We believe the opportunity to float in a warm, weightless, quiet environment is a gift to humanity. Our center will always be a clean, inviting and hopeful expression of this gift.


Our Story

Having already had success with Relaxation Oasis, where we offer massage therapy, we wanted to expand our facilities to include floatation therapy. Our goal was to create an ideal float experience through an elegant design and attention to detail.


Jason Bryan, General Contractor

Jason has been floating for 10 years and was ecstatic to plan, design, and build Float Oasis. Jason flawlessly handled the demanding plumbing, HVAC, and electrical needs of the word's largest float spa. Throughout our build-out, Jason went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect.