First Float Discount!

Because we want people to have the chance to experience floating, we now offer a discount of $15 off your first one hour float. That means you can experience 60 minutes of floating for just $45!

April Earlybird Special!

We’re celebrating our new hours; we’re giving away a bonus $15 FLOATCASH for anyone booking in those shiny new hours during April!! 

Book your start time from 7:30am - 8:30am and receive $15 ADDITIONAL FloatCash dollars! 

How FloatCash works:
If you’re paying full price — $10 FloatCash awarded
If you’re paying in cash — $5 FloatCash awarded
(Paying full price IN cash takes home the full $15!)
— and then add that BONUS $15 FloatCash, you could be walking away with half off your next float!!! 

April Studybreak Special!

STUDENTS: give your brain a break this month! We’re offering 50% off to any students with a current student ID on the weekdays! Please have your ID ready at checkout to receive your student discount! This offer applies to all floats other than our 30 minute single float. Come relax and refresh your body and mind!

STUDENTS Rush Floating!

Students are over-worked and under-appreciated so we’re opening up the weekday mornings for “Student Rush” floats - students can call up to two hours before they want to float to book their last-minute session! (Weekdays 9AM- 2PM) 262.317.9100

“Student Rush” floats are 60 minute sessions, for $25 cash!!! The student must have their ID with them. 

Singles Floats

30 min $40

45 min $50

60 min $60

90 min $90

2 hours $120

3 hours $150


Couples OR FRIENDS Floats

30 min $70 ($35/person)

45 min $80 ($40/person)

60 min $100 ($50/person)

90 min $160 ($80/person)

2 hours $200 ($100/person)

3 hours $280 ($140/person)

Every time you pay full price, you will receive $10 in FloatCash to use on your next visit. If you pay in cash, you will receive $5 in FloatCash. We save credit card fees and pass them on to you so you can float again! We believe floating is a right, not a privilege, and try to keep our prices low to encourage you to float regularly.

Family Floats

All children over 5 years old are 50% off if they float with a parent.

We are encouraging people of all ages and abilities to try floating. We will leave it to the parents' discretion as far as time lengths, but we recommend 30 minute, regular sessions, and we ask that the child be 5 or above. We want to be sure the child is potty trained as tank water sanitation is extremely important.

Floating requires ear plugs, and the water isn’t drinkable, so the child would need to understand these basics. 

Floating helps with mood and anxiousness, and we feel children would really benefit from regular disconnect from electronics and sensory overload. (As we all could!)

Floating with your child will not cost the same as couples; you would pay full price for the parent and half for your child. The parent floating with the child will sign the release form on the day of the float. 


You asked and we have delivered! Membership information is now posted under the membership tab here!


We've found that, once our guests try floating, they want to keep coming back. To express our thanks, we are excited to introduce FloatCash. For every full price float you purchase, we will give you $10 in FloatCash that can be redeemed on future visits. Additionally, guests who pay in cash receive an additional $5 FloatCash.

*FloatCash cannot be earned on full priced 30 min floats.
*FloatCash can be redeemed at any time, or save up for a free float.
*FloatCash is transferable so feel free to give them to your friends.  

Ways to Earn FloatCash

Ways to earn FloatCash:

  • Get $5 if you like our Facebook or Instagram page.

  • Get $5 if you take a selfie at our location and share it on Instagram and/or Facebook.

  • Get $5 when you post a review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp. (You can get $5 per website).

  • Get $10 for each friend you refer. Please have your friend write your name on the client intake form or bring in a business card with your name on it.


For ultimate rejuvenation, we offer overnight floats on Fridays. Reservations are required.

Call us to schedule an overnight float! 

How it works: call (262) 317-9100 to reserve a tank (couples welcome!)

10:15PM - check in
10:30PM - light bedtime yoga (if you want, no pressure!), light protein snacks provided
10:45PM - tank and room orientation for overnight floats
11:00PM - 7:00AM - Float away in bliss!

7:15AM - complimentary healthy breakfast/checkout

All times can be adjusted for your convenience. 

$300 per individual floater including breakfast.
$400 per couple in one float tank including breakfast.

If you pre-book, you save $50 per float tank! 

Overnight Floats